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Durham Pub Crawl

Price: £15 per person

Durham is full of pubs and we have created an amazing night out so use a local's knowledge and be part of the no.1 pub crawl

Guided Durham Pub Tour

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In Durham city centre there is a pub every 100 yards but which ones are the best to visit?

Durham is split into a number of different areas like Old Elvet, Millenium Place, North Road as well as the places in between. The Durham pub crawl is much more down to your tastes so if you are into live music, Gin, cocktails or more of the traditional pub feel we can take you on a route just for you. Remember, we have been drinking, partying and having fun in Durham for too many years to count and we will make your night out special.

We are the no.1 Durham pub crawl in the city.

We use a number of different bars to make sure that when you bring your stag party, hen night, birthday party or just a different night out to Durham there is something for the mums, aunties, dads as well as the besties that you drink with every week. Over the night you will experience the traditional, cheesy, freaky, dancey, and fun, all in one Durham night out.

With the explosion of the Student scene, a mass of tourists and with so many villages in the surrounding areas there has never been a better time to visit Durham to have some fun on a night out.

Gin routes in Durham city are hugely popular with the ladies, with new Gin bars popping up regularly there are plenty to test. We are also very popular with the more traditional pub crawls, so get ready for tasting, trying and sampling the brews of some of the oldest pubs in the North East. 

We have linked with a number of amazing pubs and bars in Durham to make sure whether you are visiting on a Friday, Saturday or both there will be smiles all around.

  • Fabio's Bar and Nightclub Durham City

Here is a quick rundown on what you are letting yourself in for!

  • Meet at 8:00 We have a number of starting points depending on your pub crawl, but your lead host will also be in touch on the afternoon to make sure you are all set. 
  • We spend between 45 mins and one Hour in each bar and then move on. 

  • You will be looked after by our amazing hosts until we drop you into a nightclub or late bar.

  • We generally look to get have you into the final venue by 11.30 pm

Bar Tour Details

Our tours change from week to week depending on bar availability etc. This is our standard route but it does change!

Bars We Visit

  • The Boathouse 

  • The Half Moon 

  • The City 

  • The Library 

  • Missoula

  • The John Duck 

  • Fabio's

What is included

  • QJump into a top Nightclub

  • Complimentary Shooter at each bar
  • Group Guide to take you round

About our Bars

Here's a quick guide to the pubs and bars we use in Durham and why we use them. It lets you know we run a tight ship and we know what we are talking about!

The Boathouse

Riverside Bar

The boathouse is a large venue with great internal and external seating. As the name suggests this was the old boathouse, serving up pleasure boats to tourists and visitors before they moved their site just a building just next to the pub. It is a brilliant pub that has a feeling for all with music being played throughout the weekend and the upstairs part of the bar being the perfect area to catch up meet new friends and enjoy a few drinks. They have some superb food options as well.

The Half Moon

Old school boozer with great outside space.

This is a truly traditional pub in the heart of the city which has been run by the same family for years and years. They have a great outside area to enjoy as well a few TV screens spread throughout to enjoy the sport. The bar dominated the venues and you will see that as soon as you walk through the door, but you are in to buy a drink and then look around so crack on. 

The City Inn

Gin Bar and newly refurbished.

One of the most loved pubs in the city this was hugely popular back about 10 years ago and is seeing a huge revival. It is now very much a gin and cocktail venue with a nice décor and perfect as the next stop on the crawl as you only have to walk about 300 yards.
Great knowledgeable staff and a nice atmosphere leave everyone smiling at the next stop on the Durham city pub tour. The City has also joined forces with an exceptional Thai food restaurant and they are now running the Hot Wok out of the same venue as a food option. Very good.

The John Duck

Live Music - great outside space.

This is one of my favourite venues in Durham city centre. It has a large bar which means you are getting served straight away but it also plays a huge amount of live music. The venue also boasts an impressive beer garden out the back so great in the early evening with the crowds spilling out on the veranda. The John Duck serves up a great selection of popular and more try and taste craft beers for everyone to enjoy. This is also a good starting point for a pub crawl going the other way through Durham city. 

Dun Cow

Small Traditional Pub

This is one of the oldest and most famous pubs in Durham and in the past It has been known as the Hangman’s Pub with a lot of the early years' hangings of Durham taking place in the green space across the road from the pub.
So why do we use it on the bar crawl? The Dun Cow has a great atmosphere and it has kept a lot of its charm of a traditional boozer with also combining a very warm welcome in the back of the pub.
With both a small front pub and a large back space this also used to host the very famous Dun Cow Challenges which was a pint of every pump on the bar, all in all, it was 10 pints in 2 hours.
The landlords Bill and Jill are very much at the heart of the pub so you will probably get a chance to say hello and have a bit of banter.
They serve the normal variety as well as number of well looked after craft beer and ale options and you can even grab a pork pie with a dash of Mustard to keep you going.
They also do Sunday Lunch and toasties and pies through the week.

The Library

The opposite of a library!

This is a large venue that has really taken on board both sport and the feeling of craft ale. So perfect to watch any sporting event with large TVs both inside and out and enough space to pull in a decent crowd and atmosphere. It also has taken to the craft beer scene with between 5- 10 different craft beers and ciders being served to give this pub some real plus points with both the locals and the tourists. It is part of a chain but you would never think it. Well worth a visit. They also have some great food options throughout the day


Large split level venue.

This was previously the Slug and Lettuce and again is another large venue in the heart of Durham city. With two large outdoor seating areas and split over two floors Missoula is a great venue to enjoy your mates, socialise and also sample some of the special cocktail menus. This is also a hit with the locals for food as it has some great mid week offers. Competitively priced and always bright and clean it is a good venue.

Wiff Waff

Great ping pong venue

Head down the little pass in the corner of the marketplace around the corner down the steps and then again around the corner to find a cracking bar called Wiff Waff. This is a pub that has immersed itself in the Beer/cocktail Ping pong craze that has swept the country and if you are not keen on ping pong don’t let that put you off, still, check it out. Based over two large floors the pub serves up some great cocktail deals as well as the normal drinks selection and definitely has time to party theme. 


The top nightspot in Durham

Fast becoming one of the leading lights of the late bar scene, Fabio’sis hugely popular with the younger crowd and both Friday and Saturday this venue will be packed until last orders are called. With a great selection of live music and DJ playing most weekends, the venue lends itself to one large dance floor to boogie away with a number of small rooms to chat and social. The bar dominates the main room and the staff and service are on point so give it a go if you want to carry on your evening. 

Head of Steam

An carft beer oasis

The Head of Steam is voted the highest on Trip Advisor for pubs in Durham and you can see why when you go in. Even though it is on the business baron land of North Road it is like an Oasis and ticks all the boxes. They serve loads of different drinks, on tap and in a bottle and along with the staff and décor you will not be disappointed. This might be as I am now in my late thirties but hey, love it. 

Stuff to know

What you need

  • ID

    unless you look way more than 25
  • Money

    To buy drinks throughout the night.

  • Phone

    To capture the action, and the best photos from the night win prises.

  • Fancy Dress

    You need to tell us if you plan fancy dress as we need to tell bars.

What is not ok

  • Being Rude

    To our guides or other people in the group. Actually to anyone.

  • Being Aggressive

    If we have to we will call the police, but the doormen will be on the case pronto.

  • Being Sexist/Racist

    see above. It is the same thing and we won't tolerate it
  • Dressing so you won't be allowed in

    You know the score, so don't act surprised if the door staff takes one look and just says no! If you have questions just ask us before the bar crawl.

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