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Cardiff Bar Tour

Price: £15 per person

Cardiff is an amazing night out so make sure you see the best on the no.1 bar crawl

Guided Cardiff Pub Crawl

Personal Guide / 4 Bars / Club Entry

We are the best bar crawl, pub crawl or hosted night out in Cardiff and we make you have a night you will not forget.

Cardiff is a huge night out and with the popularity of the city on a whole of stag parties and Hen nights as well as the Rugby, people want to have a good time and see the best pub and bars the city has to offer. Remember, we have been drinking, partying and having fun in Cardiff for to many years to count and we will make your big night out special.

Cardiff is very busy and with huge groups descending on the city every weekend the most important thing is to know where you are going and getting into the different Cardiff pubs bars and nightclubs. 

We use a number of different bars to make sure that when you bring your stag party, or hen night out in Cardiff, there is something for the mums, aunties, dads as well as the besties that you drink with every week. Over the night you will experience the cheesy, freaky, dancey, and fun all in one big night out.

With the explosion of the Valleys scene, the Rugby stadium Cardiff is a huge pull for the Stag and Hen industry, and there has never been a better time to visit.

We have linked with a number of top party bars to make sure whether you are visiting on a Friday, Saturday or both there will be smiles all around.

  • Players Bars

Here is a quick rundown on what you are letting yourself in for!

  • Meet at 8:00 at Coyote Ugly Saloon                                                                                                                           
  • We spend 45 mins to one hour in each bar

  • You receive a complimentary shot or drinks deal in each bar. 

  • We take you 4 bars across the city.

  • 11 - 11.30 - QJump into one of the top Nightclubs in Cardiff 

Bar Tour Details

Our tours change from week to week depending on bar availability etc. This is our standard route but it does change!

Bars We Visit

  • Peppermint Bar 

  • Brewhouse 

  • The Bierkeller

  • Be At One 

  • Pop World 

  • Revolution 

  • Missoula 

  • Yard Bar and Kitchern 

  • Coyote Ugly Saloon 

What is included

  • QJump into Tiger Tiger Club
  • Complimentary Shooter and or Drinks deal at each bar

  • Group Guide to take you round

About our Bars

Here's a quick guide to the bars we use in Cardiff and why we use them. It lets you know we run a tight ship and we know what we are talking about!

Cardiff Bierkeller

Large themed bar, loads of fun.

Bierkeller is bouncing every weekend with groups visiting Cardiff. With long shared tables and an Ompah Band playing every Friday and Saturday night, you are in for a real treat. Bierkellers serve up large steins of cocktails or Pils to make sure everyone throughout the night will be on their feet, stools or tables dancing and singing. This is a great group venue. 


Great Cocktail Bar

Peppermint is listed in the World Top Bars and likes its name it provides a refreshing and unique spin to the other cocktail bars in Cardiff city centre. With fantastic internal and external space, this is a cracking venue. Highly rated with both the locals and guest groups being situated in Mary Street it is perfect for a true glimpse into Cardiff's nighttime scene.


Live Music BABY!

The Brewhouse is renown as Cardiff's no.1 live music venue and extremely busy for Food music and sport. This large venue still gets super packed out because of its popularity.  

Be at One

Cocktails Cocktails Cocktails

Be at One is a cocktail extravaganza in the heart of the city. It has an extensive menu and looks after its punters so expect excellent service and knowledge of drinks. Good for the ladies. 

Pop World

Cheesy but great fun.

Pop World is a UK favourite with groups of people flocking to its doors every week and Cardiff is no different. The music is cheesy the drinks are reasonable prices and you know you are always going to have a great time dancing away to the old school tunes. The venue and staff are amazing with groups and seriously look after you. It is in most cases a stag and hen dream, at least for one hour haha. 

Coyote Ugly Saloon

Bucking Bronco and Cow Girls

Coyote Ugly as the name suggests is all about the Bucking Bronco, Cow Girls, Crazy nights and loads of Fun. The Atmosphere in this place is electric and with great service both behind the bar and for the food you will not be disappointed. Whether it is a busy night or not there is always something today in this great themed venue. 

Photos from our Cardiff Bar Tour

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Stuff to know

What you need

  • ID

    unless you look way more than 25
  • Money

    To buy drinks throughout the night.

  • Phone

    To capture the action, there are some cool prizes for the best photos taken on the night. 

  • Fancy Dress

    You need to tell us if you plan fancy dress as we need to tell bars.

What is not ok

  • Being Rude

    To out guide or other people in the group. Actually to anyone.
  • Being Aggressive

    If we have to we will call the police, but the doormen will be on the case pronto
  • Being Sexist/Racist

    see above. It is the same thing and we won't tolerate it
  • Dressing so you won't be allowed in

    You know the score so don't act surprised if the door takes one look and just says no!

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